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Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation

Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation is a Maori land organisation with an asset base of over $200 million. The total land holdings is made up of 11 land blocks with over 850 Shareholders and counting.

Beginning in farming, the Incorporation was an early developer of kiwifruit orchards and now has a diverse business portfolio including industrial ground leases, housing, retirement villages, beef farming, as well as kiwifruit orchards.
At the core of the organisation is a desire and commitment to drive prosperity for their shareholders and their families, so there is a strong focus on whanau, sustainability, and future generations.

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Ki te Hoe! Shareholder Wānanga – March 2023

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MPBI Constitution

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Ki o tātou māreikura – celebrating International Women’s Day

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Taiao Data Collection 2023

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Tertiary Education Grant Application 2023

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Nga Tangata o Mangatawa 2023

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March Panui 2023

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Employment Opportunity – New Aged Care – Pacific Coast Village 2023

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Panui December 2022

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Our History

The Legend of the Three Whales – Nga Tohora e Toru

Long, long ago, a whale and her baby swam into the Tauranga Harbour. They swam through the entrance, past Mauao and Te Moutere o Matakana.

They decided to venture further into the harbour, so they swam up past Te Papa and Matapihi toward Maungatapu. Once there, they found the water getting shallower, so they decided to return to deeper water. However, instead of swimming back out through the entrance, they turned and headed into the Rangataua arm of the harbour between Matapihi and Maungatapu.

They struggled over the mudflats of Rangataua, trying to find a way back to the open sea. They knew which direction the ocean lay; they could hear the sound of the waves pounding on to the beach at Omanu and Papamoa. Tired and thirsty, they stopped at Karikari on the eastern shore of Rangataua to drink from a spring. They did not know that the spring was magic and that drinking from the spring would turn them into stone. They began to drink. Suddenly all life departed from them.

The father whale came in search of his family. He saw that they had turned to stone. He too, drank from the spring and became fixed behind the mother and baby whale, and is known as Kopukairoa. The mother whale, Mangatawa, lies at the southern end of Rangataua Bay with the baby whale, Hikurangi, nestled beside her.

Name: Nga Tohora e toru

by Voice: Wakata Kingi

Our Whanau

The people and behaviours of Mangatawa distinguish us, with talented people enhancing the legacy responsibly through collaboration, determination and integrity.


We have a firm commitment to invest in the personal development of our people, and offer a range of opportunities throughout the year. There are growing opportunities to share your stories, apply for grants and clearer communication between the people and the business.

Our Opportunities

Kaumatua Health Grant


Education Grant

Sports Grant

Our Stories

Nga Potiki-a-Tamapahore Powhiri for CEO

Mangatawa Brown Road Orchard Blessing

Our Communications